1999 Cover SkepChick
Emily Rosa

Colorado Jr. High student; Front Range Skeptics member.

Emily enjoys talking on the phone, shopping, rollerblading, travel, making alien autopsy cakes, and publishing research in *JAMA.* She thinks funny guys who know how to do advanced math are "cool."

When asked by John Stossel on ABC's *The Power of Belief* if she really wanted to be known as a skeptic, she replied: "Yup. It will help you in the real world."

Emily's 4th grade science experiment, testing the ability of Therapeutic Touch practitioners to sense a "human energy field" was published in the April 1, 1998 issue of *JAMA.* She is a Guinness World Record holder for the youngest person, at age 11, to publish serious research in a medical journal; 1998 Winner of the "Skeptic of the Year" award from the Skeptic Society; Award Winner, James Randi Educational Foundation; Board of Advisors, *Jr. Skeptic*; and keynoter at 1998 Ig Nobel Award Ceremonies at Harvard.

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